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Uniform Terms & Conditions

1: Definitions

“Agreement” or “Order” means any agreement made subject to these Terms and Conditions, which shall incorporate or be subject to these Terms and Conditions. In this Agreement the party who is to receive the Product/Service provided shall be referred to as the “Purchaser” and the party providing the Product/Service shall be referred to as “VClean”.

“Product/Service” means uniform clothing provision, corporate clothing provision, garment cleaning collection and delivery provision, and any other product or service provided by VClean to the Purchaser.

“Made to Measure” means any garment that is made to an individual’s measurements as taken by VClean, and altered/tailored free of any alteration/tailoring charges to a fit and finish deemed acceptable by VClean.

“Off The Peg” means an item supplied by VClean to the Purchaser that has been bought by VClean from a supplier as a standard finished product, and has not been altered/tailored from the original manufacturer’s standard specification.

2: Basis of Supply

VClean will only provide a specific Product/Service to the Purchaser upon receipt of any of the following forms of order confirmation from the Purchaser:

  1. a) Purchaser’s official purchase order number/reference
  2. b) Purchaser’s verbal agreement made face to face
  3. c) Purchaser’s written email/facsimile/hard copy instruction to proceed

It is fundamental to the acceptance of any Order that where there may be any differences in the Terms and Conditions of the Purchaser and that of VClean then the Terms of and Conditions of VClean shall be deemed to be the terms under which the Order is accepted.

3: Payment terms

VClean’s payment terms for its products/services, excluding its end-user cleaning service, are strictly 30 days net. In the event of late payment of the account VClean reserves the right to charge interest at a rate 2% above the base rate of Barclays Bank. It further reserves the right to require any further dealings to be carried out on a Pro Forma basis. The payment terms for VClean’s end-user cleaning service is full payment in advance.

4: Handling/Returns Charges

VClean has the right to levy handling/return charges on “Off The Peg” items if the sizes have been ordered incorrectly by the Purchaser (rather than measured by VClean)

5: Delivery Charges

VClean has the right to make delivery charges even if VClean personally deliver items, but these will always be confirmed in the order confirmation and in any event within 7 days of the placing of the order.

6: Cancellation Terms

VClean may only accept a cancellation of an order in respect of “Made To Measure” orders if they have not cut the fabric, although there may be a charge levied for the purchase of the fabric. Once the garments are cut, though, VClean cannot cancel the order and the garments will be produced as ordered and delivered in the normal fashion and payment required on the standard terms of payment.

““Off The Peg” orders that are made available by VClean from stock may be cancelled at any time but VClean reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 10% of the overall cost of the order.

Any garments that have been altered/tailored or are embroidered/tax tabbed or have any other branding placed on them cannot be returned or cancelled except in the case of faulty manufacture.

The garment cleaning service may be cancelled at any time without penalty as long as the process has not been commenced.

Cancellation will not be accepted on “Made to Measure” items simply because the item did not fit perfectly on first delivery. It is an integral part of the process that several adjustments may need to be made to such garments.

7: Product Liability

VClean is not liable if any part of any garment causes allergic reactions to any individual if VClean has not been made aware in writing at the time of the placement of the order of any possible relevant allergies by the Purchaser.

8: Lead Times/Force Majeure

The standard lead time for “Made To Measure” items to be made and ready for the initial delivery is 4 – 6 weeks. “Off The Peg” items that are supplied from stock will generally take between 3 and 5 working days to deliver. Fittings and alterations/tailoring may take a longer period of time. The standard lead time for garment cleaning is 24 hours from the time that VClean has collected the item/s. Whilst VClean always endeavours to deliver on time, there may be reasons why this is not always possible such as out of stock items at our suppliers, fabric faults, shipping delays, re-clean of garments, etc that cause us to deliver later than expected. Cancellation or compensation claims on the basis of late delivery will not be accepted by VClean under any circumstances. In the event of the receipt of any order from a Purchaser, time is not of the essence in respect of the contract.

VClean will not accept cancellations nor will it be liable to compensation claims or claims for loss due to late delivery or inability to supply caused by acts of God, public enemy, fires, floods, explosions or other catastrophes and any other event beyond reasonable control of VClean (a “Force Majeure Event”)

9: Product Specifications

All items supplied by VClean to a Purchaser are supplied based on agreed product specifications or sample approval. Should an item be delivered not to the specification agreed in advance or as per the sample approved, VClean should be allowed to make the necessary changes or re-supply as VClean sees fit. If fabrics are substituted during production, as long as they will perform in the same way and offer the same basic visual appearance as that originally specified (ie they are of the same colour/design), the Purchaser must accept the substitute. VClean will always attempt to deliver exactly as expected but fabric faults, technical advice, etc may cause VClean to modify the product in order to deliver.

10: Wear and Tear

All fabrics, designs and “Off The Peg” items sourced from other suppliers have been rigorously tested, and are supplied fit for purpose. VClean cannot be held responsible for tears, shrinkage, ‘shine’, ‘pilling’, ‘bagging’, dropped hems or any other sign of wear and tear which appear over time. Should a garment supplied by VClean genuinely ‘fail’, in the first instance VClean will have the opportunity to put right the fault or replace the garment, at VClean’s discretion.

11: Price

The Price shall be as agreed and stated in the initial order confirmation, or as otherwise agreed in subsequent confirmations.

12: Tax Tabs/Tax Advice

Whilst VClean is happy to offer tax tabs or other branding designed to alleviate the tax burden on the Purchaser’s staff, VClean cannot give specific advice or confirm details on the UK tax policy regarding corporate clothing, and Purchasers who are unsure about the full legal requirements should seek independent legal and professional advice in this regard.

13: Top Ups

VClean will continue to supply ‘top up’ orders on the basis of original supply until either VClean or the Purchaser confirms in writing a change to these conditions.

14: Samples

VClean is more than happy to supply sample garments where required. However, these will be invoiced at the time of supply and credited back on receipt of these items back in perfect condition, within 14 days of supply. If the sample garments are not returned in a re-saleable fashion, VClean has the right to charge a handling fee or even the full value of the sample, and this charge will be at the sole discretion of VClean.

In the event of any dispute these shall be resolved under the jurisdiction of the Courts and laws of England and Wales.

In the case of any dispute regarding the quality of any particular order then the goods on that order shall be assessed by an independent qualified expert, the cost of which shall be borne by the Purchaser, except in the event that expert finds that there is a fault with the product. In the event that any item is found not be of an acceptable standard then VClean will accept back only the item/s found to be faulty. This will not be grounds for the cancellation of any other items that have been ordered or supplied.

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